SHAAMS project aims at creating a Strategic Hub for the Analysis and Acceleration of the Solar Sector in Mediterranean region, promoting solar energy in the region covered by the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme

SHAAMS will facilitate the take up of solar technologies by raising public awareness on energy efficiency through the transferability and implementation of good practices in legal, regulatory, economic, organizational issues and new financing mechanisms. Therefore, SHAAMS will define and implement a series of actions, by identifying and highlighting the opportunities and potentialities of solar energy solutions for the social and economic development of the region covered by the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme. The project will rely on a collaborative approach between partners while facilitating the exchange of data (indicators) between public administration bodies, research centers, universities, firms and agents of the civil society and allowing the consortium to analyze the needs, expectations and requirements of all the actors and to provide solutions coherent with all the agents’ needs.

In order to achieve these objectives the SHAAMS project will be conceived as a threefold action project divided in terms of activity:

  • SHAAMS Policy Accelerator: Policy support actions will be implemented in order to identify innovative solutions, solar energy strategies and to generate a unified approach towards a long term policy perspective for solar energy development.
  • SHAAMS Enterprise and Research Accelerator: Fostering market support structures and new procedures for the development of a reliable market for solar energy
  • SHAAMS Social Accelerator: The activities conceived in the section will address societal agents and intend to promote a cultural and behavioral change towards solar energy among society.

The SHAAMS project is implemented under the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme ( Its total budget is 3.200.344,40 Euros and it is financed for an amount of 2.880.309,96 Euros (90%) by the European Union (ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme) through the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument.