On the 30th of October 2014, a first social local meeting was organized in Lebanon in which main purpose was to endorse the draft of SHAAMS Energy Country Report (Lebanon) as to establish a baseline for future steps (Roadmap within SHAAMS Project) in order to promote solar energy sector in Lebanon. Based on this roundtable, a draft of a Position Paper was sent to the main stockholders who in their role gave their comments on which we integrated. On the 18th of March 2014, BIAT Research and Development / SHAAMS Project Coordinator Hamza Obeid organized the second national roundtable meeting that took place in Monroe Hotel in order to discuss the presentation of the amended Position Paper Draft.

After an open clear discussion, and based on the elaboration of the attendees’ comments of the final Position Paper draft, the attendees agreed on and signed the final version.

Moreover, the discussion painted on the usage of the Position Paper and the follow-up approach. On our final approach, we agreed on putting the other stockholders in charge of the Position Paper process and to integrate them through it.


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