In order to raise awareness about solar energy amongst the young, SHAAMS supported scouts activities

during a national Rally that took place in Lebanon on May 3, 2015, and organized by Les Scouts du

Liban. In a move to help kids become responsible leaders and citizens in the future, the Rally introduced

educational games about solar energy, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and

Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

More than 3,000 scouts, coming from all over the country, played active games that introduced them to

ways of using the sun to produce electricity. Scouts played as well puzzles and received hints on good

habits for energy saving, on other forms of renewable energies, and on the problems faced when relying

on fossil fuels. The activities were animated by “Taqa” and “Shams” characters, which have the meaning

of “Energy” and “Sun” in Arabic.

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