Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is a representative institution, independent, democratic and efficient, ensuring the promotion of economic and business activity and sustainable development of the territory.

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Foundation for Development Innovation and Technology

Foundation for Development and Technological Innovation (FUNDITEC) is a non-for-profit-foundation that works as a leader, coordinator, advisor and an expert source of information for projects involving Technology, Innovation and Science. FUNDITEC has as final mission to contribute to economic and social development via the promotion of technology and innovation.

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Energy and Environmental Agency of Salerno

AGEAS Salerno was projected by the Provincial (Provincial Council of Deliberation n. 486 of 07.14.2003) and a group of local integration in large-scale action of the European Community in the field of energy and environment in order to create cultural assumptions and develop technologies and sectors of employment in the territory to achieve development sostenibile.

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Sophia Antipolis Foundation

Created in 1984 and declared as a public utility, the Fondation Sophia Antipolis fulfils a fundamental task on the Sophia Antipolis site: the scientific and cultural organisation of the park. Its objective is to facilitate exchange and long-term reflections in the areas of science, industry and culture at a French, European and international level.

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Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon

The Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon (CCIA-BML) is a non-profit private organization working for the public benefit. The CCIA-BML was established in 1898 and is the largest of the four Lebanese Chambers that are regulated by Ministerial Decree No 36/67 enacted in 1967. Decree No 36/67 awarded the Lebanese Chambers the exclusive rights to the provision of services to business enterprises namely, the issuance of certificates of origin and the authentication of invoices and commercial documents.

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Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology Department of Energy Resources and Environmental Engineering

E-JUST is the product of a long standing partnership between Egypt and Japan and should not only be viewed in the narrow context of just being a research and educational facility. Its ambitious role is to educate, foster industry partnerships, and become the core driver behind a regional Science and Technology Park, and finally promulgate technical standards and best practices in business and technology.

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Naples Agency for Energy and the Environment

ANEA, Naples Agency for Energy and Environment, is an independent, not-for-profit organization that promotes the rational use of energy, the diffusion of renewable energy, sustainable mobility and environmental protection. ANEA was born in 1997 thanks to funding from the European Union, as part of the EU SAVE II program, and the participation of entities public-private partnerships.

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WWF European Policy Programme – Branch Office

The goal of WWF is to conserve the natural wealth of the Mediterranean and to promote sustainable environment-friendly practices for the benefit of all.

Their work

  • Conservation of forest, freshwater and marine ecosystems, promoting the establishment of protected areas and resource use practices that maintain biodiversity and ecological functions.
  • Promoting a sustainable fisheries regime in the entire basin.
  • Preventing nature loss from mass tourism.
  • Ensuring that the EU Mediterranean policy is ecologically sustainable and socially equitable.
  • Improving and implementing measures against pollution through the Barcelona Convention.
  • Supporting the development and growth of environmental NGOs.
  • Communications and advocacy to inform people, to raise awareness and to persuade decision makers and stakeholders to act.

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Al Urdonia Lil Ebda’ Co.

Business Incubators Irbid & Al Karak working to help in economic development and spreading entrepreneurship and innovation spirit among youth. The main objective is to focus on enterprise development. Hence employment generation will follow successful and sustainable commercial outcomes, which will be achieved when we create dynamic competitive environment for entrepreneurship and gives them an advantage resulting from innovation and creativity.

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Technological Educational Institute of Crete

The TEI, located on the beautiful island of Crete, was founded in 1983 in order to provide Higher Technical Education to the students of Greece. Education at the TEI offers up to date training in technological subjects and prepares students to develop into skilled, responsible and qualified members of society. With a permanent teaching staff of 200 and approximately 10.000 students the TEI of Heraklion is a thriving academic community with an extensive library, student halls of residence, sport facilities and a health center.

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Turning innovative ideas into successful businesses requires a powerful blend of skills, environment, entrepreneurial culture and imagination. Founded in 2001 and being the first in the region to receive EU accreditation as a Business Innovation Center, Berytech offers the right and adapted environment for the creation and development of innovative startups and SMEs, supporting and stimulating entrepreneurship, through incubation, business support, hosting in high-tech infrastructure and funding solutions. Berytech currently manages 3 business development centers, in addition to one technology fund and a media cluster and is still growing, playing a major role in the economic revival of Lebanon, while organizing pioneering  programs, activities and initiatives for entrepreneurs. More information on

Business Incubation Association in Tripoli

BIAT, a not-for-profit organization, was established in 2006 with the assistance and back up of the Integrated SME support program, an EU funded project at the Ministry of Economy and Trade of Lebanon. BIAT was listed in 2011 as a good practice example in the EuroMED database for the “Quality business support schemes and services” dimension.

BIAT runs two business development centers, an innovation center, a business incubator and a light soap industrial space. Our mission is to identify, incubate, host, network, train, and support value added business opportunities. We are committed to assisting and promoting growth potential sectors in North Lebanon.

BIAT is managed by a motivated, professional, experienced, and caring team ready to assist existing and startup businesses with their financial, technical, marketing, legal, accounting, exporting and training issues along with relevant authorities’ connection.

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