The last 18th of June 2015, in Naples (Italy), ANEA, in collaboration with Municipality of Naples, has organized a local meeting entitled ” Incentives and financing: applications for solar technologies“. The local meeting  had the purpose to start a discussion on opportunity of solar energy as a source of savings and business opportunity for companies. In fact, the major industry players met to discuss incentive systems of solar heating (established by Ministerial Decree 28th December 2012) and the possibility of savings with new storage technologies that will increase the overall profitability of the PV (established by Resolution 574/2014/R/EEL and 642/2014/R/EEL published on 8th april 2015).
In fact, these resolutions has been interpreted as a great development of business opportunities for many companies operating in the Campania region in the solar industry ; in his role as reference point for local authorities, energy producers and distributors companies, enterprises, public associations and citizens , ANEA wanted to just organize a half-day meeting to deepen the debate and new legislation that encourage the use of solar energy applications, in particular the new storage technologies. In fact, it is expected a massive use of this new type of technology that allows to accumulate the energy produced by a photovoltaic system so that it is available for use when the plant, for example at night, is not able to produce enough energy to consumption or for storage and store the surplus energy self-produced by residential photovoltaic systems, for use when needed or for stand-alone systems that are used to provide power in places not served by the national grid.


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