ANEA and Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon, within the activities envisaged in the Work Package 5 (Policy Accelerator), the last July 23th, at the Municipality of Naples, met to exchange their experiences on SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) in the context of the accession to the Covenant of Mayors.
The City of Naples, with Resolution No. 34 of August 3, 2012, approved definitively the SEAP, made by ANEA and the University of Naples “Federico II”; within this policy paper are included a number of actions that the City of Naples intends to put in place to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.
In this sense ANEA, at the request of the Chamber of Commerce of Beirut, organized the exchange mission by bringing together representatives of the City of Naples and University of Naples “Federico II” with representatives of the Municipality of Menjez (North Lebanon) and a Lebanese energy expert .
The Municipality of Menjez, in fact, joined the Covenant of Majors and is therefore involved in the preparation of the SEAP to identify the actions that the Administration can put in place to achieve the goal of reducing CO2 by 20% of emissions.
The whole morning, then, took place in the offices of the City of Naples to the presence of the ANEA Director, of Energy Councilor of the City of Naples Ciro Borriello, the representatives of the Smart City Department of the City of Naples, the professor Massimo Dentice (Head of Energy Department of the University of Naples Federico II) and Professor Laura Bellia (Head of the Lighting Department of the University of Naples Federico II) who provided useful information on aspects related to sources of information, solutions to data collection, methodology for filling the SEAP template and choice of the reference year.
In the afternoon, the delegation visited a condensing plant provides electricity to the Hospital of Naples and is part of the actions foreseen by the SEAP of Municipality of Naples.

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